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Outdoor Signage

Channel Letters

Channel Letters Signs

 Channel lettering is most often used on the exterior of public and commercial buildings. They are resistant to most weather conditions, making them long-lasting and a good investment. Channel lettering is often used to showcase a business name or logo and when illuminated at night can draw passersby toward the business. outdoor signs exterior signs Calgary


Sign Boxes Signs

 Lightbox Signs are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business 24/7. Great for under awnings in high-traffic areas, making you easy to find from the street or the road. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters and reception areas. Giving your brand a polished professional look.

Illuminated signs are a highly effective way to have your business and brand stand out. In fact, a business with an illuminated sign can increase their revenue because it provides awareness day and night outdoor signs exterior signs Calgary

Window Graphics

Window Graphic Signs

 Signarama offers a wide variety of window decal and graphics options, all of which can accommodate your existing graphics or a new design. Providing the first impression of your business or storefront, a window decal or graphic can make the difference in enticing a new customer to take a second look inside. Using your already existing window space, they are an affordable investment. Depending on your needs, Signarama Calgary Central has produced:

  • Semi-transparent
  • One-way window vinyl
  • Full block-out window signage

Outdoor Banners

Banner Signs

 Custom banners make a stunning first impression. Generate interest in special sales, events, charities, your school, real estate, or other business. At Signarama, we strive to create the highest quality banners with a custom design and message perfect for your event or special occasion. Customize your own banner using our templates, or send us your logo and messaging and our friendly staff will help design the perfect banner for you. outdoor signs exterior signs Calgary

Outdoor Signs

Pylon Signage

Pylon signs attract pedestrian and commuter attention and makes a positive impression to potential customers. Custom pylon signs can help your business stand out and direct traffic to your business location.

These customized pylon signs are especially effective when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, and retail locations.

From consultation to installation and permitting, our sign experts at Signarama can assist you with finding your perfect customized sign to match your company’s requirement outdoor signs exterior signs Calgary

Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs

 Think about where your sign will be posted. If you're on a residential street, an 18x24 Coroplast yard sign should be perfect. Most traffic will be moving slow enough to see your message. If you are on a busier street, you may want to look at our larger Coroplast signs and larger yard signs to ensure the visibility of your message for the heavier traffic. outdoor signs exterior signs Calgary